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Harvest XAct Whenever You Shop!

Shop anywhere and get 'Growing and Guaranteed' Cashback with XActRewards.
Millions of merchants worldwide are included.

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Say NO to store points and YES to a global crypto reward system: XACT

First-of-its-kind Innovation in Blockchain Technology


The use of blockchain technology to enhance transparency in a worldwide reward system


Secure Cashback on Every Purchase through Referrals of Friends and Survey Participation


Rewards with genuine value, no undisclosed terms, no points, and no expiration.


Hold digital asset for potential growth and wealth creation without risk or investment


Allows shoppers to allocate their cashback earnings to the charities of their choice.

How to Get Cashback

  • Create Account

    Through the iOS or Android app, or by enabling the Chrome Button

  • Shop

    Pay with digital methods, In-store, prepaid card, or shop online

  • Get Cashback

    Receive cashback based on the promotions offered by the vendor

Stats of XACT

Total Supply

10 Billion

Token Holders

2 K

Current Base Price

$ 0.25

Circulating Supply

100 Million

Current Market cap

$ 25M

Token Type


Revolutionizing Rewards Programs

Loyalty programs have been a staple for retailers and ecommerce sellers for decades, offering customers incentives to keep coming back. However, conventional loyalty programs have their limitations, such as the need for centralized management and the lack of transparency. Enter blockchain technology, which has the potential to revolutionize customer loyalty programs by offering a more secure, transparent, and decentralized approach.

Our roadmap

Q1 2023

20K Community, Blockchain Conferences, and XACT Token Listing

Q2 2023

50K Community and Expanded Shop/Service Partnerships

Q3 2023

100K Community, Expansion of Cashback Services to More Markets

Q3 2023

NFT platform with Tier 1 exchange listings and XAct Wallet app launch

Q1 2024

Launch of DApps cashback and expansion to new markets

Q2 2024

Improve bonus rewards with personal ranking system

Q3 2024

Metaverse shopping with blockchain-based warranty system

XAct Business Model Overview

XActRewards is a blockchain-based cashback system that utilizes XACT tokens to incentivize customers for their purchases. The XACT tokens can be redeemed for cashback or used to purchase products and services within the XActRewards ecosystem.

XAct Ecosystem

XActRewards is a blockchain-based cashback system that utilizes XACT tokens to incentivize customers for their purchases. The XACT tokens can be redeemed for cashback or used to purchase products and services within the XActRewards ecosystem.

Receive XAct

  • Shop
  • Refer friends
  • Create account
  • Buy Membership
  • Survey

Use XAct

  • Exchange with Crypto or FIAT
  • Buy Gift Voucher
  • Mint NFT
  • Transfer to another user
  • XVerse - Metaverse shopping

Trade XAct

  • Buy from crypto exchanges
  • Trade at crypto exchanges
  • Buy from Dapp
  • Staking
  • Lending

Out Token Info

Where to load up on XAct Tokens


With our rewarding cashback program, you can get a percentage of your purchases back in cryptocurrency – making it easier and more convenient than ever to start building your crypto portfolio!


Frequently Asked Questions

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XACT is based on a fool-proof ecosystem that includes a genuine need to bring up this token to meet the need of millions of users earning cash back on various shopping portals. XActRewards has a prominent use-case that increases the probability of the rise in demand for the token, eventually pushing the price index in the upward direction.

XActRewards are awarded to the customers whenever they shop from an associate merchant or whenever they shop using the Prepaid Card even from merchants who are not directly associated with us. Being in the form of cryptocurrency, there are no boundaries to the XActRewards.

In XActRewards, users receive cashback in the form of XACT Tokens when they make purchases. The Proof of Buy system works by automatically verifying the purchase using transaction data. If the purchase is verified, the user is rewarded with the corresponding amount of XACT Tokens. This system eliminates the need for users to provide physical proof of purchase, making the process more seamless and efficient.

Proof of Buy NFT is a non-fungible token that provides proof of ownership and authenticity of a product or service. It can be used by influencers to endorse products and services and earn commissions on sales made using their unique NFT. It can also be used to provide a warranty or guarantee for products or services, building trust with customers and increasing sales.

The XACT Metaverse virtual shop is a digital shopping platform that allows users to buy and sell virtual goods and services using cryptocurrency. Users can create their own virtual storefronts and list their items for sale, while buyers can purchase items using XACT Tokens. The platform is powered by blockchain technology, which ensures secure and transparent transactions.

XACT Tokenomics is based on four key rules that govern the supply, allocation, and value of XACT Tokens. The first rule is that there is a maximum supply of 10 billion tokens, which means that if more tokens are allocated as cashback, the platform will buy back tokens to increase demand.

The second rule is the allotment rule, which is based on the higher of the base price or market price. For example, if the base price is $1 and the market price is $1, a user who is eligible for $100 cashback would receive 100 XACT Tokens. If the market price is $2, the user would receive 50 XACT Tokens for the same $100 cashback. However, if the market price drops below the base price of $1, the platform will still issue tokens at the base price and never below it.

The third rule is that the base price of XACT Tokens will double or increase every time 100 million new tokens are added to the supply. This means that the average buyback price will continue to increase over time.

The fourth rule is that the platform will buy back tokens to stabilize the market price whenever there is a market dump. This is done using reserves to ensure that the value of XACT Tokens remains stable and predictable. Overall, these four rules govern the supply, allocation, and value of XACT Tokens, creating a stable and predictable token economy for users.

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